Klangwerkstatt Berlin

Festival für Neue Musik

1. bis 18. November 2018

Freitag 9.11.

Liminalities – Hören und Sehen

20.00 Uhr Kunstquartier Bethanien

ensemble mosaik

  • Haraldur Jónsson Crumpled Darkness
  • Rama Gottfried / Haraldur Jónsson Shiftings / i. envelopments (2018) für vier Performer und Publikum
  • Ann Cleare / Anna Rún Tryggvadottir unable to create an offscreen world (2010/18) für Flöte, Oboe, Violine, Violoncello, Schlagzeug und Tape
  • Rama Gottfried / Haraldur Jónsson Shiftings / ii. foldings (2018) für zwei Performer, Flöte, Oboe und Elektronik
  • Rama Gottfried scenes from the plastisphere: part 1 (2017/18) für drei Performer und Video
  • Darri Lorenzen / Rama Gottfried Of the three (2018) Video mit Keyboard und EWI
  • Rama Gottfried / Haraldur Jónsson Shiftings / iii. approach *(2018) für vier Musiker, Live-Elektronik und vier Performer
  • Kaj Duncan David micro .· micro : micro .·:: micro .:·.: *(2017/18) für EWI, Schlagzeug, Live-Elektronik und Video'

ensemble mosaik Melkorka Olafsdottir - Flöte | Simon Strasser - Oboe | Ernst Surberg - Klavier | Roland Neffe - Schlagzeug | Chatschatur Kanajan - Violine | Karen Lorenz - Viola | Mathis Mayr - Cello | Arne Vierck - Klangregie | Bettina Junge - Künstlerische Leitung | Dorothée Kirch - Kuration | Oscar Löser -Videotechnik | Domenik Engemann - Lichttechnik

ensemble mosaik
ensemble mosaik

Seit 2015 entwickelt das ensemble mosaik mit dem deutsch-isländischen Kuratorenduo Dorothée Kirch und Markús Þór Andrésson das Projekt Visual Resonance. Im Rahmen der Reihe Kommentierte Musik startete die spartenübergreifende Zusammenarbeit von Komponisten, bildenden Künstlern und dem ensemble mosaik. Unter dem Titel Liminalities werden in gemeinsamen Probenphasen entwickelte „vierdimensionale“ Arbeiten in Reykjavik und Berlin gezeigt. In Teamarbeit erforschen die isländischen Künstler/innen Margrét H. Blöndal, Haraldur Jónsson und Darri Lorenzen, die Komponist/innen Ann Cleare, Kaj Duncan David und Rama Gottfried und das ensemble mosaik die Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten audiovisueller Kunstformate. (ensemble mosaik)

Shiftings i. envelopments, ii. foldings , iii. approach: A set of performances which function to reconfigure the experience of distance and textural sensitivity in the room, using sound, physical material, and action as a kind of spatial acupuncture. (Rama Gottfried)

Of the three: In 2015, Darri Lorenzen made an installation called „Of the two“, based on an overhead video recording of Enno Poppe conducting my Flint, dressed all in black, and wearing white sporting gloves. For the installation, Lorenzen used an audio recording of Poppe’s feet on the wooden podium during the performance, which filtered the sound of the ensemble, and amplified the sounds of his shoes as he moved through the piece.

In the new work, „Of the three“, Poppe’s disembodied hands conduct the work again, re-interpreted by two performers and a computer vision algorithm, who follow the conductor’s hands indicating musical flow and articulation, creating a new translation of the piece.

Scenes from the Plastisphere: part 1: In the middle of the ocean’s floating continent of plastic, a new microbe ecosystem has emerged which scientists have named the plastisphere. This is good news, because it suggests that life on Earth cannot be destroyed by human carelessness — but on the other hand, the resulting ecosystem may not be one which supports life as we know it. In „Scenes from the Plastisphere“ a digital-organic habitat is constructed and used to examine situations and perspectives in human/non-human interaction. Here we present the first scene from a four part series. (Rama Gottfried)

unable to create an offscreen world (a), (b) and (c) are a series of pieces, which explore ideas of wrongness, incompatibility, and inability with ferocious streams of energy, confidence and hope. (Ann Cleare)